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Mr. Zongrs

Mr. Zongrs, age 20, is a chip musician located in Fargo, North Dakota/Moorhead, Minnesota. He uses LSDJ, nanoloop, Ableton Live, and whatever samples he can find/make. He claims, “I thrive on stupid humor, mass amounts of food, and being able to make people go ‘wtf’. I love bad cartoons (legend of zelda, speed racer, etc.) to no avail. I make everything I do a fun thing to do, and am known to be a very goofy son of a bitch.” His music is loud, and fans of loudness tend to be fans of Mr. Zongrs. You may also be frightened to learn that his profile picture is in no way edited or modified. That is, if you were to learn that.

“Nice To Meat You” – Full Length – September 30, 2008


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