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[4CR008] Mr. Zongrs – Nice To Meat You by PixlCrushr
September 30, 2008, 6:55 pm
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Meat Mr. Zongrs. He makes chiptunes for you.

Mr. Zongrs is sharing with us today his brand new album release entitled “Nice to Meat You.” It’s 12 tracks, 40 minutes of Gameboy chip music. Lots of wav channel and energy here without a doubt, and unlike your favorite energy drink, this bad boy is free. Yes, folks, this is another one that is not to miss.

01. Spring’s Moonlit Decay
02. Mid-winter Heatstroke
03. Milk Drinks You
04. Autumn Phoenix
05. Bestiality Rave
06. Brand-name Fun-bags
07. Birthday stupid
08. Napolean Blownapart
09. Vodka & Grapefruit Juice (for 222)
10. Formosa
11. Hneh, corn
12. L. Ron Hubbard’s 8-bit Death Celebration

Download complete album .zip file


[4CR007] ChipHydra – Life of a Hydra by iayd
September 7, 2008, 9:50 pm
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ChipHydra’s full length album “Life of a Hydra” makes it’s debut. Sixteen broad tracks of LSDj fun, and also the longest release for 4CR. ChipHydra doesn’t stick to one style; the songs vary from dancey to speedcore, and from noisy to mellow. This is one album that should not be missed.

1. Amplitude
2. Calm Collapse Of The Earth
3. Anything With Heart
4. Ninten
5. Pixel Scream
6. Machete Decapacitate
7. Drill Eater
8. Miles Away From Here
9. Jasmine
10. Passg2nowhre
11. Aspiring
12. Clover
13. ShuffleXQH
14. Twinklesky (gb Mix)
15. Gtor
16. Rest

Download complete album .zip file

Also, you can buy a physical copy of the CD @ http://www.chiphydra.bigcartel.com

[4CR006] Chip Champion – Sex With Robots by PixlCrushr
July 11, 2008, 10:45 pm
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“This is the third official release from Chip Champion.  Hope you enjoy!  In the future we may have the technology to travel through space or time, we might even have flying cars… but the one thing everybody really wants is to have sex with robots.  And who knows… maybe we will live to see such a wonderful future <3 <3 <3”

Chip Champion made all of the following tracks with FamiTracker. The music style varies and has a lot of originality. It gets to the point where we can’t really describe it, but when listening to it, you can almost imagine that it is an OST for a NES game. It stays true to the genre, that’s for sure. Bottom line, Chip Champion’s “Sex With Robots” is a fun release with a lot to offer.

01. Astro Cat’s Symphony of Space
02. Searching for Gamma
03. Stage 5 – Record Store
04. gogogobloodbloodbloodkillkillkill
05. Post Apocalyptic
06. Cybercycle Mk. VI
07. Count Christovian
08. The Fires of Industry
09. Echo
10. Butt Funking
11. DreamEscape

Download complete album .zip file

[4CR005] PixlCrushr – Famis for the Whole Family! by PixlCrushr
July 2, 2008, 12:20 am
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It’s a new EP from PixlCrushr, but not the one people were expecting. Famis for the Whole Family! is PixlCrushr’s attempt at an all NES release, using FamiTracker for every song on it. This EP is 99% FamiTracker. The other 1%? Only some tool assisted ambiance during a small portion of one song. The EP was made mostly at the end of March, directly after the self titled album was completed, and can be explained as 2007 release Flamethrower‘s sequel. The release can also be explained as the cycle of a caffeine rush. Mellow at first, a quick burst of energy, and then the process of mellowing out again. This small release packs a lot of melodies, mellowed out beats, and just the right amount of noise and bass fueled energy from the track Pixel Army.

1. Launch Day pt. II
2. B is Run
3. Pixel Army
4. It’s A Pixly Pixl World
5. Hexadecimal Endings

Download complete album .zip file

[4CR004] Scik! – Sloth Face Exploder by PixlCrushr
May 20, 2008, 10:12 pm
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Today marks a brand new release for newcomer to the label, Scik!. He makes wonderful music that brilliantly mixes chiptune and breakcore. Yes, chiptune/breakcore does make the most of us instantly think of Sabrepulse (before he picked up the Game Boy) and Saskrotch, but Scik! is known to, at times, even bring unique pop culture samples into the mix. Not just that, but he does indeed use LSDJ as an instrument in these songs, which is not commonly seen in the chip/breakcore genre. With quality melodies and sick breakcore percussions, Scik! brings another quality EP to 4CR. Enjoy!

1. Wombat Lightning
2. Skittles and Toothpicks
3. King Hippo Doomsday
4. Party Party A Go Go
5. The Chip Struggle

Download complete album .zip file

[4CR003] Beta Club Field Trip – The Surrogate Console by PixlCrushr
April 28, 2008, 8:41 pm
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The Surrogate Console is the second full-length from BCFT, and has been in the making since 2007. BCFT’s unique sound is truly defined with the grittiness and range that The Surrogate Console displays. Using NerdTrackerII, a Yamaha DJX, and Synthcart2600, the limits of the setup were pushed. Some tracks were recorded directly from the television, providing a nostalgic sense of late nights spent playing NES over the hum of a vintage color TV. It shifts from melodic, to haunting, to atmospheric, and back again, with a few covers thrown in for good measure. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

01. Game Bouyant
02. It’s Thinking
03. Michael Clayton 2: Clayton Harder
04. LazerTime!
05. Belongings
06. Someone Who Loves Me Went To Florida And All I Got Was This Song
07. Defeat The MCP
08. You Beta Believe It!
09. The Surf
10. All Out Race War 2025
11. Bette Davis Eyes
12. MemberFDIC
13. North American Grizzlies
14. Life’s Pretty Cheap To That Type, Janet
15. The Office

Download complete album .zip file

[4CR002] critThreat – deMolishor by PixlCrushr
April 23, 2008, 8:18 pm
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deMolishor is a nine track EP and the debut release of Famitracker musician critThreat. Sometimes the songs are danceable, sometimes they are cheerful, and sometimes they are dark. It’s a very retro EP that lets the nostalgia kick in. Note from artist: “If you like your Chip with a completely different feel, check it out!”

1. hellaCopter
2. theNewFlesh
3. nailgunMassacre
4. snakeByte
5. buttonMasher
6. ol’ oneEye
7. lobsterCrawl
8. gutBucket
9. deMolishor

Download complete album .zip file