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[4CR004] Scik! – Sloth Face Exploder by PixlCrushr
May 20, 2008, 10:12 pm
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Today marks a brand new release for newcomer to the label, Scik!. He makes wonderful music that brilliantly mixes chiptune and breakcore. Yes, chiptune/breakcore does make the most of us instantly think of Sabrepulse (before he picked up the Game Boy) and Saskrotch, but Scik! is known to, at times, even bring unique pop culture samples into the mix. Not just that, but he does indeed use LSDJ as an instrument in these songs, which is not commonly seen in the chip/breakcore genre. With quality melodies and sick breakcore percussions, Scik! brings another quality EP to 4CR. Enjoy!

1. Wombat Lightning
2. Skittles and Toothpicks
3. King Hippo Doomsday
4. Party Party A Go Go
5. The Chip Struggle

Download complete album .zip file